CCTV - Security Guard

CCTV - Security Guard Hire

CCTV Monitoring services which are provided by SIA Licensed Security guards.

We provide on-site CCTV monitoring security service giving your company all the benefits of 24/7 protection for commercial, industrial and residential premises through your cameras and control rooms.

CCTV Monitoring is a growing service in the security company industry with new technology continually being released. We are always happy to train our security guards so they are qualified to use any new systems, giving your company the best service our security company can offer.

  • Relieving the hassle of managing equipment yourselves 
  • Our security company guarantees an effective response to all alerts
  • Deter crime and increase rates of detection
  • Improve safety and peace of mind for on-site staff


Our security guards are trained and qualified to deal with intruder alarms, audio systems, access control equipment and alarm response to provide complete security cover.

Whatever your needs and how ever complex the system we can train, learn and guarantee our security company will suit your security needs. We will work with you to ensure that your need for total security is met to the highest standard.

This is what makes us different to other security companies.

We are a security company offering security services with a cost effective and competitive pricing policy and we can almost guarantee to beat any legally insured security company, again this puts us ahead from other security companies.

We have male and female security guards that all have a 10 year checkable history. All our security guards are SIA licensed and have experience in providing any security service necessary to ensure a high standard of security.

We take a great amount of pride in our work and always like to exceed our client’s expectations.

We are locally based meaning we are always punctual and can be on site when needed with the backup of a 24hr controls centre.

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